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Assembled: the highest buildings in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is famous for its impressive skyline. But exactly how high are the highest buildings? We’ve made a list of the highest buildings in Rotterdam, which are a true must-see when in Rotterdam. 1) Euromast, 185 metres The highest and most widely known structure in Rotterdam is the Euromast, counting 185 metres in total. The tower […]

The hidden gems of underground Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for its impressive skyline filled with skyscrapers. However, there is also a lot of architecture underneath the city. Often just as impressive, but just not that well-known. During the Rotterdam Architecture Month we celebrate these hidden gems of Rotterdam. These four icons are definitely worth a visit: Nuclear shelter beneath the post […]

Insta Roffa: 5 social media hits in Rotterdam

The key question is: is something worth visiting if it can’t go on Insta? Luckily, Rotterdam Architecture Month is definitely Insta proof. We don’t need to tell you that a picture of De Rotterdam skyscraper taken from the Erasmus bridge will get you many likes because you already know that! So we have put together […]