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What to do during the Pentecost weekend?

The weekend to look behind the scenes

Did you know that there is a fascinating world among the streets of the city of Rotterdam? This Pentecost weekend, from Friday 7 to Monday 10 June is perfect to look behind the scenes with us. Discover the secrets of the city of Rotterdam during # RAM19. If you like extraordinary stories and unique performances, be surprised by Parfum x Underground. They take you on a raw, underground tour of dance parties in secret building cellars and start at the POST festival heart.

On research in the Van Nelle Factory

Go discovery the UNESCO world heritage gem of Rotterdam, on Friday during the Design District the tearoom of the Van Nelle Factory is open once. More Van Nelle Factory? During a special tour through the Van Nelle Factory you will get to know this building inside and out.

Exclusive visits

Want to see the Markthal from a different perspective? After this tour you have really been in the Markthal. The enthusiastic guide lets you taste, see, smell, feel and tell everything.

Learn more about what is happening at Neuhaus: the academy that makes new combinations between everything that exists: earth, humans, science, animals, cosmos, technology, art, that is looking behind the scenes of our existence!

What screens are you going to look behind during Pentecost?

All activities during the Pentecost weekend