Alias ​​010 – the nicknames of Rotterdam buildings

Rotterdammers have a long tradition of coming up with fun names for their Manhattan along the Maas. The buildings and art in the city are also rarely mentioned by their real name, the Rotterdammer says it like it is. And with success: we sometimes only know defining architecture by the nickname such as De Kuip (the Tub), De Koopgoot (The Shopping Gutter) or De Zwaan (The Swan), also known as The Harp. But do you know what the IJstaart (Ice cream cake)  is, or the Hef?

Roffa during RAM

During the RAM you can visit many striking buildings with a tour or for an event. Sometimes you can get into it, go into the secret garden, or go underground: you will definitely find out more about the city of Rotjeknor and his buildings, including nicknames.

From the Hoerenloper to the Glasbak

A small selection from the program:

  • The Kapsalonbak – we turn the central station inside out, and you can go up on the roof!
  • Follow a lecture about High-rise in the center in the Gasfabriek (the Gas Factory) a.k.a. The Stofzuiger (Vacuum cleaner).
  • During the Titans tour that starts at the Rock of Rem you walk past the Fluitketel (Kettle) and get a peek into the kitchen of the Koopboog (Shopping Arch) aka Vegetable Cave; as icing on the cake you get lost in the Blaakse Bos (Blaak Forest) under het Potlood (the Pencil).
  • Enjoy the view of the Hoerenloper (John) from the Blokkendoos (Block Box)