Rotterdam Late Night Architectuur maand 2019

In depth

Dive into Rotterdam architecture like a real city maker

If you want to know more, the RAM 2019 offers every opportunity to really immerse yourself in Rotterdam architecture. Good architecture requires good conversations! Will you join the discussion about the future of the city, its layers and icons?

Architects, artists and movers and shakers

With architects, artists and movers and shakers such as Wim Pijbes, Sofia Koutsenko, Adriaan Geuze and Diederik Samson, we seek to deepen our understanding of everything that is typical of Rotterdam: neighborhood activism, densification, determination, heritage, social vs. profitable, circularity, climate goals, transformation, the city axis, old ports as development areas …

Ideal city

You can also experience “more than human knowledge” at the Neuhaus, an academy for a better life at het Nieuwe Instituut. In the Garage, you can design how you want to experience the urban space and what your ideal city looks like. Also, talk about the public building of the future and discover how you are part of the layered city. Or think about new maps that display what remains hidden.

You make the city of the future – strike up a conversation with the experts during RAM!

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