Assembled: the highest buildings in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is famous for its impressive skyline. But exactly how high are the highest buildings? We’ve made a list of the highest buildings in Rotterdam, which are a true must-see when in Rotterdam.

1) Euromast, 185 metres
The highest and most widely known structure in Rotterdam is the Euromast, counting 185 metres in total. The tower was built in 1958 and was given the official status of a national monument in 2010. After all these years, it is still one of the most popular attractions in Rotterdam. It has a restaurant and a luxury hotel suite, where you can literally take a nap with your head in the clouds.

2) Maastoren, 165 metres
With a height of 165 metres, the Maastoren is the highest skyscraper in the Netherlands. This office building is situated at the southern shore of the Nieuwe Maas and is currently the home of the  Deloitte headquarters. The colour gradient of the building is remarkable, making it almost disappear into the sky.

3) New Orleans, 161 metres
The highest residential tower in the the Netherlands was opened in 2010 by princess Beatrix. It is one of the landmarks of the ‘Kop van Zuid’. The building contains over 200 apartments, a wellness centre and a private health club. The well-known film theatre LantarenVenster is located on the lower floors of the building.

TIP: Several of these impressive buildings can be admired during the Day of Architecture on 16 and 17 June 2018.

4) Delftse Poort, 151 metres
The Nationale Nederlanden building was completed in 1991. It’s a typical nineties building: imposing and robust with a lot of glass. The building was designed by architect Abe Bonnema. Along with De Rotterdam, Maastoren and the Millenniumtoren this building defines the skyline of Rotterdam.

5) De Rotterdam, 149 metres
This is one of the most recent architectural icons in Rotterdam and while it’s not the highest building, it is the largest. Designed by Rem Koolhaas, this is a landmark of enormous proportions. De Rotterdam is used by approximately 5,000 people every day, making it the most densely populated building in the Netherlands.

6) Montevideo, 140 metres
This skyscraper is located on the ‘Kop van Zuid’, on the Wilhelminapier. The name Montevideo refers to the time when this part of the city was filled with warehouses. One of these warehouses was named after the Uruguayan capital Montevideo. On the tower’s rooftop there is a big three dimensional ‘M’ and with that addition the building adds up to a height of 152.32 metres.

7) Erasmus bridge, 139 metres
Technically not a building, but absolutely the most well-known icon of Rotterdam: The Bridge. The Erasmus Bridge was built in 1996 and was designed by Ben van Berkel. Nicknamed ‘The Swan’, this structure is definitely one of the most eye-catching landmarks in the skyline of Rotterdam.  

TIP: Would you like to admire Rotterdam from up above? There are over 50 rooftops that will be open the general public during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days on 2 and 3 June 2018.

The hidden gems of underground Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known for its impressive skyline filled with skyscrapers. However, there is also a lot of architecture underneath the city. Often just as impressive, but just not that well-known. During the Rotterdam Architecture Month we celebrate these hidden gems of Rotterdam. These four icons are definitely worth a visit:

Nuclear shelter beneath the post office
Not many of us know that near Rotterdam’s City Hall, there is a completely functioning nuclear shelter underneath the former post office on Coolsingel. It was built in 1975 when the threat of the ‘red danger’ seemed very real. The former PTT (Dutch national postal company) built these kinds of shelters throughout the Netherlands. Fun fact: the basement in Rotterdam is an exact copy of the one that would have secured the Dutch royal family in case of an emergency.

Underground tram stop in the south of Rotterdam
When the metro started to head to the south of Rotterdam in the 1960s, there was only one tram left in this part of town: Tram 2. During rush hour, Tram 12 would also run to cope with all the commuters. It is remarkable that this tram route had its own tunnel underneath the ‘Groene Hilledijk’. It even had its own stop called ‘Randweg’. This tram stop was opened in 1969 and almost thirty years later, in 1996, the tunnel was closed. Turned out the tram stop in a tunnel wasn’t the safest way to travel (you think?). Luckily this underground tram stop still exists, graffiti and all, seeing as it might be the most unique one in the Netherlands.

Technical Cathedral underneath the Erasmus Bridge
It’s a very graceful structure, our Erasmus Bridge. If you see the bridge opening, it looks as if the pavement lifts itself ever so gently. Yet there are enormous forces that enable the bridge to open, it’s quite an accomplishment! Part of what makes it look so easy, is the gigantic counterbalance that stands in a huge basement underneath the bridge: the bascule basement. In this underground ‘technical cathedral’ everything literally revolves around a weight of no less than 1,050,000 kilogrammes or 1,050 tonnes.

TIP: Take a tour to the bascule basement during the Day of Architecture and find out all the ins and outs about how the Erasmus Bridge works.

The Time Stairs underneath the Market Hall
Rotterdam originated at a dam in the river Rotte. This is the very same spot where the Market Hall stands today, which we can proudly call one of the most modern buildings in the Netherlands. When the Market Hall was being built, extensive archaeological research was done to discover more about our history. The findings were preserved and are now on display for the general public at the Time Stairs. You can literally descend into the parking garage and travel through our history, with all the archaeological findings there to admire.

TIP: Curious about the underground world in Rotterdam? You’re not alone! Parfum de BoemBoem is fascinated by what happens below street level. You can go on a tour to explore the underground world of Rotterdam, taking you to the most exciting places. During the tour you’ll experience several performances, like music, dance or poetry.

6x must-do’s during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days!

The best time to experience Rotterdam is during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days. From 1 to 3 June 2018, you can discover the most beautiful views of the city, take part in one-of-a-kind events on rooftops and see places that aren’t normally open to the public.

One-of-a-kind events
Not only going on the rooftops, but also the programme itself is well worth a trip to Rotterdam. Here are some really special events for you:

  • Iftar on the roof
    Discover the rich, culinary culture of the city with a special Ramadan meal after sunset. Non-fasting visitors are also more than welcome to enjoy a special night filled with interesting guest speakers, delicious food and music.
  • Theatre on the roof
    Several rooftops on and near Witte de Withstraat transform into a stage for young theatre talent from Rotterdam. Get ready for a full night of entertainment. With the help of headphones you can choose which of the performances on the rooftops you would like to listen to.
  • Sleeping on a roof
    A slumber party on a rooftop? Why not! Stay the night with Rooftop Urban Sleep Spaces on top of former railway station Hofplein. You’ll stay in one of the special objects. Are you more of a camper? No problem, campsite ‘De Konijnenberg’ is open for a sleepover at the Rotterdam Rooftop Park.
  • Yoga on the roof
    Do you need a moment for yourself? During Yoga on the block – Kick-Off at former railway station Hofplein you can find complete peace on Saturday. On Sunday you can also follow a yoga lesson on the rooftop of the Doelen concert hall on Schouwburgplein.
  • Cinema on the roof
    Trouble sleeping? Watch a movie! The Pleinbioscoop, as well as Rooftop Screenings Stroom and Roffa Mon Amour show several movies on rooftops. The first is on the roof of the popular department store ‘The Bijenkorf’, the second is on the roof of STROOM. Enjoy the likes of True Romance by Tony Scott.
  • Parties & concerts on the roof
    Musicians and DJs will give a star performance on the highest rooftops of Rotterdam. There is going to be music by Klangstof and Sodade, but also time to dance sensually to Kizomba.

Apart from these 6 must-do’s, there is plenty more to discover during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days. Check out the full programme on the website of the Rotterdam Rooftop Days!