5 Exclusive Tours of Rotterdam

There are many city tours during Rotterdam Architecture Month. There is something for everyone: a tour by bicycle or a guided tour high up on the rooftops. A city tour filled with of art and architecture or a culinary tour. Here’s a list for you:

Tour 1) Icons of Rotterdam
Sunday 3 June and Saturdays 9 and 16 June
You can visit the 4 most famous architectural icons of Rotterdam all in 1 tour: De Rotterdam, Timmerhuis, Markthal and Central Station. Or would you rather focus on one iconic building? There is a tour of the Markthal on Saturday 9 June. Find out more about the history and the architectural design of this remarkable building. Fancy a bite to eat? You will enjoy the Meet & Taste tour! And on Saturday 16 June there is a great guided tour of Timmerhuis. Enjoy this exclusive highlight of the Rotterdam Architecture Month.

Tour 2) Explore the MH4 area
Fridays and Saturdays
The Urban Guides will tell you how the MH4 area, Merwe-Vierhavens, used to be one of the largest fruit ports in the world, but slowly went into decline. In a bicycle tour of 2.5 hours they will show you how this part of Rotterdam has now become an innovative makers district.
The tour starts at 14:00 hrs every Friday and at 11:00 hrs every Saturday.

Tour 3) The Van Nelle Factory
Saturdays and Sundays
Explore this unique factory, also known as the ‘glass palace’, with an expert guide. The Van Nelle Factory received international recognition when it was granted World Heritage Status in 2014. This is your chance to find out why! The tour starts at 12 noon and in 60 minutes you will learn more about its architecture, history, production process and how the factory was transformed for the future.

Tour 4) City centre and underground secrets
Friday 1 June and Saturday 30 June
During the Rotterdam Rooftop Days, Parfum de BoemBoem will take you on a tour of the city centre. Your final destination is a rooftop where you can enjoy 2 concerts: from the Rotterdam duo M. & Winterdagen and the band Klangstof. In addition, Parfum de BoemBoem offers a tour of the city below street level. You will visit unkown underground locations and enjoy performances by dancers, poets or musicians. Would you like to find out more? Then read one of our previous blog about Rotterdam’s underground best-kept secrets.

Tour 5) Middelland and Oude Westen
Saturday 9 June and Sunday 10 June
ZigZagCity offers a widely varied programme of tours with expert guides. For example, ‘50 years of Oude Westen’ and ‘Travelling through time in Middelland’ are tours that will tell you more about the history of Rotterdam. Or take a look behind the scenes during ZigZag Oude Westen, ZigZag Middelland and Wes Goes West. These three tours offer you a mixture of architecture, spoken word, entrepreneurship and food culture. Would you like to know more about street art in these neighbourhoods? Tour guides Lennard de Vlieger and Piet Hein will tell you stories about the paintings and sculptures in and around West-Kruiskade if you go on the ‘Street Art West’ tour. Finally, there is a special tour organised by the Poetry International Foundation, during which you will discover that architecture and poetry sometimes go hand in hand.

Photo: Bas Czerwinski